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Just like our personal services, our business services are based on close personal contact and hands-on management. To discuss your business needs, call us at 613-771-0115 or email us at

Group Pensions & Benefits

We are brokers of custom pension plans and group benefit plans that include life insurance, disability and critical illness insurance, health insurance, prescription drug coverage, and dental coverage.

Maybe you’re introducing group services to your business for the first time. Congratulations! It’s a sign of success and corporate responsibility.

Maybe you already have a group plan, but it’s not measuring up. You’d like to know about other options.

Maybe you’re ready to cost-share with your employees, or expand coverage.

Whether you need a starter plan or a full-scale, comprehensive group program, we have the flexibility to negotiate in the marketplace on your behalf.

What’s more, we’ll meet with you—and your employees—regularly, to explain the plans, answer questions, and keep everyone up to date.

Partnership/Key Personnel Insurance

Protect your business from loss of a key executive or manager.

For business owners, it’s reassuring to know there are ways to insure against the loss of a business partner or key member of your staff.

Both partnership insurance and key personnel insurance (sometimes called “key man” insurance) are designed to sustain your company in the event of the death or disability of a critical member of your team.

They allow you to keep going, by providing funds to buy out the shares of a partner’s survivors, or granting you the time and resources to hire new personnel without experiencing business losses.

There are several types of partnership/key personnel insurance—we’ll help you find the plan that suits you best.

“Our group services are Ontario-wide, and they don’t stop with selection of a plan. We meet with owners and employees to explain coverage and benefits, and encourage responsible planning for the future. It’s added-value service that makes a big difference to our clients.”


Partnership/Key Personnel Insurance Partnership/Key Personnel Insurance
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